by Taharka

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I song about a Friday night out in North London.


I was in London town for the weekend
on the underground going to meet friends
wondered how the time that we spent
is gonna go down it depends
on the situation on this occasion
went down south for a music liaison
now on the way to old street station
beer can in hand some peeps waiting
at a pub took 20 minutes to find
got direction from this guy then realised
i recognise you from Brum
wha gwan son, how come you're in london?
You're at uni doing business wished him good luck
conversation finished cause i contemplated guiness
decided to stick with larger
check it out its the next bit of the saga

All we want
is to get to
where we
want to go

Bought two rounds of drinks in and thinking
which gal in here do we want to be linking
later, Lee the fishmonger was stronger
introduced some ladies the night became longer
showed them love they gave us hugs
last orders, do you want to go to a club?
leave with these girls to find a venue
seven pretty females is on the menu
found a club walked inside
talked with pride sort of lied thought provide
all decide who to go for
her tongue piercing caught my eye
saw the ride in sweet Naomi
her friend called me a naughty pony
said I'm phony Walkman like Sony
I'm not here to talk matrimony
the club was rocking from top to bottom
on the dance floor saw you watching
you worked for a production company
went to sit down said will you come with me
you agreed seduction won for me
couldn't resist a kiss on the comfy seats
wasn't frigid so i asked for your digits
gave me the wrong number felt small like a midget

oh shit i got dissed man opportunity missed

All we want
is to get to
where we
want to go

Got the right number called cause i wondered
why she denied me a chance and fronted
said there was a boyfriend i understand
you got a man peace put away the mobile
on the way home now drunk is my profile
hate to say belly aches and pains
got a takeaway straight away
trying to get to north London
1 hour later end up in Camden
waiting for the N20 then Sisqo
this danish girl walks past invites us to a disco
said if we go can you get some spliff smoke
couldn't believe our luck if so,
lets go got their stood in amazement
everywhere was the neighbourhood vagrants
it was blatant a guy playing the drum kit
hitting the snare drum with one fist clenched
straight up we bun the spliff then went
checked what time the train station opened
hoping it was soon while focus
noticed the N20 in the background
said run lads now come on
got on the bus and sat down
we can relax now
a mad night out wrote a rap down
the tracks about the N20
left the club at 3am took 4 hours to get home


released April 17, 2003
Lyrics by Taharka
Beat by Mike Notes



all rights reserved


Taharka Music Birmingham, UK

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