Make It Happen

by Taharka

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This song is about when i first heard this beat called Genesis by Justice and i was determined to rap on it. I bought the track and recorded the song. Job done!


Make it Happen, Make it Happen, Make it Happen

Step one the special effect takes a second
to sink in and set the thinking of the best one
Its pure expression
pop contestant rocking the session
whats coming next i kept ya second guessing
visible individual paying attention
move to the groove and lose that tension
relax to the track and have to mention
Step two Justice sent to come and rescue
discuss the best tune we must respect truth
rock the venue we got to let loose
love is sent through
trust we and perform on all stages
fun and games cause a storm in all places
custom made for customers of all ages
we come to stay number one on your play-list

Make it Happen, Make it Happen, Make it Happen

Plan to expand forever advancing
together we're dancing is pleasure enhancing
reaching the peaks live for the beats
filthy or clean with it i see
you demand an anthem
more to explore for your satisfaction
we got to innovate we're hot we demonstrate
songs eliminate cons who imitate
its official
competition is like a shooting pistol
this sound is like a super missle
when it comes round you never knew what hit you
penetrate you nation and make you listen
celebrate today and play the rhythm
dedication patience
and a destination
makes it happen face the facts
on a day to day then it takes you back then
you learn to return with determination
change the pattern make it happen
focus the notion on possibilities
showing devotion and positivity
laid my rap when it fade to black
and you played the track then i made it happen


released April 17, 2008




Taharka Music Birmingham, UK

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